Cathy’s Art Studio


Cathy’s Art Studio

Cathy’s Art Studio is focus on custom pet portraits both watercolor and oil painting, people portraits in oil painting only and watercolor greeting cards for all occasions.

I believe custom pet portraits will be well received by pet owners because they are able to get a personalized, one-of-a-kind piece of art, customized pieces creating a special connection between pet and owner. I understand that a pet is an important family member and the special relationship should be captured in a way to make our client happy.

Our art works can be the perfect gift idea for anybody. To view more samples of our paintings, please click More Paintings

For orders:

Customer place an order through email ( in the email attach a photo of the subject and preferred size and type of portrait (watercolor, oil painting).

I will review the photo, then reply with a quote on the time and cost. Then arrange the deposit payment (50%).

Generally, each watercolor portrait is finished within 14 days. Oil paintings can take between 3 to 4 weeks (it needs time to dry). For local client, we can meet up in person for pickup; if not, a shipping rate is required to be paid on top of the remaining balance.

To view more samples of our paintings, please click More Paintings


The fee we charge per portrait is based on the following three factors:

Oil Painting Rates

All paintings are done on stretched canvas board. They are ready to hang up on the wall without framing.

   1 Subject   2 Subjects   3 Subjects   4 Subjects 
 9″ x 12″  $250   (not available)   (not available)   (not available) 
 11″ x 14″  $350   $450   (not available)   (not available) 
 12″ x 16″  $450   $500   $550   $650 
 16″ x 20″  $550   $600   $650   $700 
 18″ x 24″  $650   $700   $750   $800 
 20″ x 24″  $750   $800   $850   $900 

Watercolor Painting Rates

Prices are for drawing and cardboard frame.

   1 Subject   2 Subjects   3 Subjects   4 Subjects 
 8″ x 11″  $150   $180   (not available)   (not available) 
 11″ x 14″  $250   $300   $450   $500 

Watercolor Greeting Cards

 5”x6 ½”  $45 

Please note:

  • The pricing listed above is for guideline purpose, please email photo for actual quote.
  • Pet portrait and people portrait are charged at the same rate.
  • Please keep in mind that the drawing details highly depends on the quality of the source photograph.
  • A deposit, minimum 50% of the whole charge, is required to place an order. The rest of amount is paid at the time of pickup.
  • Prices listed as “not available” indicate that the size may be too small to contain the number of subjects.

If you are interested please contact us at:

Telephone: 604-812-1698


Instagram: @catscustompetportraits



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Catherine at 11/2/2019 9:20:09 AM
I was given a watercolor of my dog as a gift and was so happy with it, and impressed by your talent. You really did an amazing job at capturing her escence and spirit. I have shared and recommended your work to my co-workers, and will do so with others who have four-legged friends.

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